9. Happiness sends a message

I am stronger than tornado winds
As potent as the stormy seas.

But gentle like a blooming bud
Before it’s met with hungry bees.

I am as clear as the light around you
Yet as subtle as the air that breathes 

Louder than exotic thunder
Yet silent like the waving trees

Open to all and closed to none
I see you but you don’t see me

Yet I am all that ever sees
Because the only one who sees is me

Take the road upon your mind
Undress yourself on heavens cliff

Once one finds their truest self
One will land in heavens grip

Take the plunge that seems like death
It’s true that no man ever did

Survive the fall from heavens cliff
And lose the one who never lived

What once was, is always there
Seemed to drown yet never did

What was not born can never die
And what came to birth does not exist

Each now moment always clear
Stretched to forever yet always here

Time no longer I am bound
I have found my home, on heavens ground.