2. Grass Fairies 

Grass fairies float, they never fly 
Uplift the soul of one who wonders 
Summer soft and angel bright
Free from ending, free from life

Landing in the heart of I
Sinking back to love again
Again it seems yet never so
This loving presence is our home

Forgive this clumsy language
For giving names to the nameless face
I forsake Myself with every word
Yet with every word, I see His face

Silence is the only teacher
Words alike it’s only students
We try to paint the paintless art
Over an open, empty, perfect picture

Neither one nor ever two
Not what we can Truly know
Yet knowing is our very nature
The only one that ever knows

Because this knowing is all that’s known
We know only what we’ve ever known
The faceless face that lives in objects
And the presence of the one who knows

Neither one nor ever two
The faceless face is all their is
Magic burns like holy furnace
How can This, even exist?

Once the one who knows is known
The world of objects dims its tone
Truth will shine its faceless grin
Life's duel illusion, overthrown.