12. The will of the way

I once knew a man,
he was oh so wise.

He took me on journeys
through the meaning of life.

He said there’s no meaning.
Your efforts are none.

So go back to your life now.
The lesson is done.

And I thought to myself,
How could a man so wise,

say such a thing
that is not so nice?

So I give up my efforts,
and stopped worrying on.

Then I started to paint.
Then made up a song.

In this moment of presence,
there was nothing to gain.

No need of a pleasure,
no sense of a pain.

No care of an outcome.
No fear of loss.

Just the heart of the moment
and the sound of the waves
from the loving adventure
of the ocean I crossed.

A peace from nothing.
A joy from nowhere.

A hug from beyond
And a laugh from somewhere.

And I came back back
the very next day.

He said welcome my friend,
To the will of the way.