11. The pink silk sky

The sky tastes like candy
It looks so sweet
Bursting with flavour
Transcending its own limitations into my eyes
I give myself permission to notice,
on its humble suggestion.

Violet orange - milk peach snow
A shade rarely seen in nature.
I love it.
A beauty, an illusion.

The sky is not pink
It derives this unique shade
from the light of the sun.
Yet still, neither is the sun pink.

The sun can not express this shade,
Unless with the help of the sky,
Although the sky would not be the sky,
Without the light of the sun.

The sky could not provide this beauty,
If not lit with the light of the sun.
The sun and sky merge to create this colour.
The distinction between sun and sky dissolves.

Beauty recognises itself.

The world isn't really made of this colour
It is made of the light of the eternal sun

Likewise, my heart would not be able
To shine in such a way 
If it weren't shining through this mind.

This is how I taste the sky.

The sky borrows its colour
From the light of the sun,
The world borrows its colour,
From the light of awareness.

The dissolution between myself and perception
Is like that of the sun and the sky
If i didn't see the sun and sky as one
I would not see that colour.

If I didn't see myself and my world as one
I would not see beauty.

The dissolution of this relationship

Between what I am and what I see

Is the beautiful recognition
That there is nothing here but me.