Build your philosophy, integrate your understanding, create a framework for your service, use a business as the vehicle to drive it. 

“The pathway to true timeless connection and resonance is paved in our ability to reveal - as clearly as possible - the true presence of the creator. This is what distinguishes the art in the artist.”

KATA2, Second Form, is about Artful Business. We’ve seen the world of business at this stage. We know what conditions us and what conditions others. We know that we are here to express our joy and happiness, and are not building for the sake of money, or in an attempt to be fulfilled by our work. 

This is the stage where we turn our business into art. We will merge your philosophy and your artful skills and either create a something new, or build upon and harmonise what has already been created. 

You may be; 

  • Looking for a way to create a business or build a service that amplifies your life and your purpose, while making your work totally unique and impactful.

  • Looking for a way to alchemise your knowledge and life experience into your business in ways that you previously thought not possible.

  • You have a way of seeing (art) that you live by and want to bring it to life as something that can be shared through your business rather than something you hold as a discrete and personal aspect of your thoughts and feelings.

  • You love the arts and intuitivly feel that there is something inside you that isn’t currently being actualised.

  • You want to start creating video content, hosting podcasts and want to crystallise your message. 

  • Looking for someone to strategise with that understands you and your needs on a deeper level. 

  • You want to add a whole new dimension of value to your business, and consequently the world. 



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A brief outline of the pathway to create a service based product and philosophy.

1. Essentialise
The disentanglement of preconceptions and the reformulation of your essential idea. 
1) What is your art? 
What do you do that requires the most refined and detailed qualities of your observation?

What is your love?
What do you desire to be the outcome of your art?

What is your intelligence?
What is your unique way of integrating your understanding?

2) - Idea Essence
What is the fundamental essence of my idea, what quality is consistent throughout all changing viewpoints and situations?

- Nature
What is the nature of this essence? What does it do my nature of being itself?

- Limitations
Is this essence-nature limited by anything from behaviour, beliefs, or lack of value understanding?

3) Philosophy development based on our previous explorations. 

2. Crystalise
Understand and connect to the true value and uniquness of the product or service. Solidify a framework.

- Framework
Build a framework for the service or product that creates a brand experience based on your philosophy. 

- Foundational Value
Understanding the true value of the work and its uniqueness.

- Articulation
Exploring pathways to articulating the idea clearly and accurately to the world. Create unique experiences to potentially pitch the idea through mental explorations. (Thought Yoga)

3. Unify 
Bring the concept into a solidified strategy to execute into the world.

- Where?
Where do we take it?

- How?
How do we take it there?

- Why?
Reconnect to the essential purpose and vision of the project before taking the step to execute.