Collaborative Contemplations
& Active Meditations.

Life is often seen as a process of challenge and suffering with intemittent moments of joy or happiness. 

My job here is to help nudge that paradigm. 

Contemplation is the process of thinking deeply into something. Meditation is the resting in our baseline condition /or the source of our mind. 

Thought Yoga is the merging of the two, which is what we do here at The Dojo. 

The problem is, we are never taught to face our fears and we are never taught how to manage them when they arise. 

And to make matters worse, when we face a big life challenge, a death of a parent, a partner, a best friend, we are never taught how to process it. 

The fear of these events and of our own death is the subconcious fear that we usually leave subconsciously  influence the greater part of our lives.

The sooner we face this head on and recognise the way out, the sooner we can truly live and be able to manage and support oursleves and our loved ones when they too face these challenges. 

This is where you, as a leader, can make a difference.

It is through leadership that we have a greater opportunity to share qualities of peace, calm, and equanimity to those around us when it is needed most.

My offer to you is as follows;

A prevention & a cure to the psychological suffering associated with these kinds of events.

No more fear affecting our decisions. No risk of falling off track in our career. Only the knowledge that we are at peace, grounded, and ready for anything.

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This is where I can show you exactly how I can help you.