Collaborative Contemplations
& Active Meditations.

We begin life learning from others. It’s the nature of our upbringing to continue this process. This process will never stop.

But, rarely are we taught to trust and integrate our own direct experience. 

What would happen if we took the time to learn and develop our own knowledge and experience into something unique?

Have we really explored the limitations of our own expertise?

Contemplation is the process of thinking deeply into something. Meditation is the resting in our baseline condition /or the source of our mind. 

Thought Yoga is the merging of the two, which is what we do here at The Dojo. 


Artful leadership is to lead from fulfilment, and to use our business, idea or service as a vehicle for that fulfilment. 

Contemplation &
Meditation coaching

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“Art” - The quality and depth of ones perception.

“Brand” - A multiplicity of unique vibrations that form one signature frequency.

“Philosophy” - The science of happiness.

Thought” - A process of thinking.

“Spiritual”- To intend or/ to be in the direction of - the highest possible truth at any given moment.

“Love” -
The lack of separation. 

“Dojo” - A place of the way.

“Business” - The service of being.

“Intelligence” -
The ability to understand and implement our own unique wisdom and knowledge.

Happiness” - To be without resistance.